IAPS Annual Conference
Monday 25 – Wednesday 27 September 2023

Come and experience the future of education at the Edushift booth during the upcoming IAPS (International Association of Private Schools) conference! We are excited to invite all conference attendees to visit our stand and explore the innovative solutions we have to offer.

At Edushift, we are passionate about transforming the educational landscape, and our presence at the IAPS conference is a testament to our commitment to excellence in education. Our booth is designed to showcase the latest advancements in educational technology and highlight how private schools can leverage these tools to provide exceptional learning experiences.


When you visit our stand, you can expect to:

  1. Explore Cutting-Edge Technology: Discover our state-of-the-art educational platforms and solutions that incorporate artificial intelligence, adaptive learning, and interactive content to enhance teaching and learning outcomes.
  2. Engage with Our Experts: Our team of experienced educators and edtech professionals will be on hand to answer your questions, provide demonstrations, and discuss how our solutions can be tailored to meet the unique needs of your school.
  3. See Real-World Success Stories: Learn from case studies and success stories of private schools that have partnered with Edushift to achieve academic excellence and student engagement through technology-driven strategies.
  4. Collaborate for the Future: Explore partnership opportunities and collaboration possibilities with Edushift as we work together to create a brighter future for education.

The IAPS conference is an exceptional gathering of educators and thought leaders from around the world, and we believe that our presence will contribute to the discourse on the future of private education. We look forward to engaging in meaningful conversations, sharing insights, and forging partnerships that will empower private schools to excel in an ever-evolving educational landscape.

Make sure to mark your calendar and plan a visit to the Edushift booth at the IAPS conference. We can’t wait to connect with you, exchange ideas, and inspire new possibilities in education. See you there!

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