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Bytello: Revolutionizing Education Collaboration and Communication

Experience seamless collaboration and efficient communication in education with Bytello, the powerful software solution offered by Edushift, a leading provider of educational technology. In today's ever-changing education landscape, This empowers educators and students to optimize their learning journey through cutting-edge tools for brainstorming, content sharing, instant video calls, and device management.

Discover the transformative power of as it revolutionizes the way you collaborate, communicate, and learn. Seamlessly integrate brainstorming sessions, effortlessly share educational content, engage in instant video calls, and efficiently manage devices, all within one convenient platform. Stay ahead in the dynamic world of education with Edushift's advanced software solutions and unlock unparalleled learning experiences through the innovative capabilities of this software.

Bytello OS

Easy account system

Simple technology inspires education. With an operating system designed specifically for education, any educator can easily make teaching engaging.

Logging in enables you to quickly access your online class presentations, as well as personal app shortcuts and widgets on your homepage. By logging out, your account and all privacy data will be deleted.

Bytello Share

Seamless screen sharing

One of the standout features of Share is its intuitive and user-friendly interface. The platform's streamlined design and straightforward functionality make it incredibly easy for anyone, regardless of technical expertise, to navigate and utilize effectively.

With just a few clicks, users can quickly upload, download, and manage their shared content, saving time and enhancing productivity

Bytello Class

Present your lectures with simplicity

Effective and compelling instruction is provided by a digital whiteboard equipped with potent tools and widgets.

Screen Sharing | Remember your user's devices, So that every use is simple

File Sharing | Even if the PC and IFP are on separate networks, you can still share files between the two devices using IFP.

Cloud Drive | Open your assets directly in your Google Drive, OneDrive, or Bytello account

Bytello DMS

Empowering equipment management

This software provides organizations with a convenient and quick unified management solution for terminal equipment, constructs an efficient and real-time equipment management system, aids in the digitization of the campus environment, and makes campus management more convenient. Software is devoted to upholding GDPR compliance. Explore more.

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The Tutor Touch 20 touch Intelligent Interactive Panel exceeds your existing classroom's technological limitations. Its comprehensive feature set will captivate students with its tablet-like interface and the industry's most intuitive touch and writing surface.

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