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In the 21st century, classrooms have evolved beyond mere spaces with furnishings. They now need to cater to the physical and mental educational requirements of both teachers and students. Edushift, a leading full-service furniture provider, understands these needs and offers comprehensive collaborative and flexible solutions for modern schools. From innovative design concepts to seamless installations, Edushift aims to enhance student engagement, promote healthy seating postures, and create interactive and enjoyable learning environments.

Promoting Healthy Seating Postures and Concentration: An essential aspect of a modern classroom is furniture that promotes healthy seating postures while allowing for natural body movement. Edushift recognizes the importance of ergonomic design and provides furniture solutions that support proper alignment and comfort. Our range of seating options helps students maintain focus and concentration during extended periods of sitting, ultimately enhancing their overall learning experience.

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The Tutortouch 20 touch Intelligent Interactive Panel exceeds your existing classroom's technological limitations. Its comprehensive feature set will captivate students with its tablet-like interface and the industry's most intuitive touch and writing surface.

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      Edushift provides unique, bright and modern furniture to forward thinking schools and higher education institutions creating flexible and engaging learning and living spaces. 


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