Provides flexible, ergonomic, unique and modern Learning, Work and Living Spaces, with intelligent furniture and technology through integrative solutions.
We offer turnkey furniture and technology solutions for STEM projects and 21st century collaborative classrooms. Our engaging and comfortable furniture is created to be ergonomic and flexible allowing more mobility for improved performance and increased concentration in students.
Through design awareness, created by the 3rd Teacher Concept and Reggio, in the school environment we advocate a new quality of learning, with our innovative, colourful & durable furniture.
Edushift, has developed an extensive product portfolio range providing for every spatial need varying from pre-school to university; (including library’s; Collab centres; chill areas, art & music centres and scientific laboratories) from a single source who has provided major contributions to the development of educational furniture and the perception thereof. 
Edushift has its own brand, Tutortouch™ offering customized interactive panel solutions for collaborative teaching and progressive, forward thinking offices.

Our Vision

With great courage we embrace our responsibility to co-create inspiring, engaging and healthy environments in which to Learn, Grow and Work through our modern and trendy ergonomically designed free flow furniture and smart devices.

Our Values

Pursue growth & learning.

Create open mindedness toward new classroom designs, to overcome learning impairments.

Build open and honest relationships through communication.

Be faithful and have integrity with our clients.

Deliver WOW through service.

Have fun and be a little out there.

Our Commitment

To change the landscape of education Southern Africa with our innovative furniture by creating the perfect
combination of interactive technology and modern furniture for 21st  Century School Living Spaces. We commit to bring about collaboration between Schools, Edushift and the Third Teacher Concept.

One Size Rarely Fits all

Correct ergonomic seating can be achieved when a pupil’s chair suits their individual heights.

Body height and seat/table height have together been carefully correlated to determine six generic sizes to cater for various age-ranges throughout schools.

According to DIN EN 1729 standard – this serves as a good starting point, but ideally, each pupil within any specific age-range should have access to chairs and tables that can be quickly adjusted to suit his or her own individual height.


As learners spend most of their school day sitting in their chairs, it is vitally important to have the correct seating to support a healthy posture and facilitate easy learning. During prolonged periods of sitting pupils have a natural urge to fidget. Most school furniture is very rigid in design, restricting movement causing discomfort and distractions while learning, thereby impacting academic attainment and physical well – being.

The ergonomic Z frame chair the PantoSwing allows for movement while encouraging correct posture through its innovative cantilevered frame, which creates a gentle controlled back and forth motion, stimulating blood flow and increasing concentration.

We recommend this chair for classrooms, as clients have told us, they achieve 5 times as much work out of their students. One size doesn’t fit all, we custom order your chair in the colour of your choice and size to suit your school.

The hokki

Affectionately known as the wobble stool, wobbly stool, flower stool or mushroom stool by our loyal customers, The Hokki has been designed to eradicate the boundariesbetween controlled sitting and natural free movement.

Most dynamic seating has been designed to move in linear directions, however the controlled, yet multi directional movement of the Hokki provides a stimulating interaction allowing the pupils to continually shift posture or “rock and Roll” during lessons. This is proven to engage your core muscles increasing blood flow and oxygen throughout the body and brain.

We have been told by some teachers that they have noticed a 30% increase in concentration in students who use the Hokki stool during their classes.

Make a Space OR Flexible Seating

KCSA furniture promotes movement and is shift-able enabling different furniture configurations throughout the school day.

With fast implementation of changes and a diverse range of flexibility, teachers and students can design their own individual learning environment, free from the restrictions of normal fixed furniture solutions.

The Third Teacher

“The Third Teacher” a term coined by the Reggio Emilia educationalist, Loris Malaguzzi – is where the learning environment becomes the third teacher to a child. First teachers are their parents & educators, the second is their fellow peers all these factors influence a child’s educational achievements. Therefore, school architecture design and furniture contributes significantly to children’s educational potential.

Edushift Proudly the UK partner for VS

VS has more than 110 years of history in the furniture design and manufacturing industry with numerous pioneering product developments to its name. Each chapter in VS’s success story alludes to its high standards combined and uncompromising focus on quality and intensive development work leading to a strong product range. VS is a powerful performer in Europe providing holistic furniture solutions for schools, administration departments, offices and conference areas.
VS is a strong advocate of a new quality of learning – through design awareness in the education environment. The classroom is “The Third Teacher” and, together with adults and pupils has an important formative influence on the students achievements and their wellbeing. Comfortable alternation between sitting and standing when working with dynamic rather than rigid sitting postures – more ergonomic, more flexible, more mobility for improved performance and increased concentration.

Commitment to Environmentally friendly production

A guiding principle to the company is to handle natural resources responsibly and to minimize, as far as possible, the impact of production on the environment. The company’s aim is to be able to offer customers products which have been manufactured in the most eco-friendliest way possible, assuring that the manufacturing of products is in accordance with the strictest environmental standards – from the purchasing of raw materials, to across the entire production phases and through to the recycling of used materials.

Additionally, the furniture undergoes an international “GREENGUARD” certification. The certificate is an internationally recognised form of certification based on a testing programme for manufacturers of particularly low-pollutant interior furnishing, furniture and production processes.


The company has established a quality management system based on the standard ISO 9001:2008, which is the highest possible standard.

This system ensures that the internal company processes at the factory are consistently geared towards absolute quality assurance. Our school furniture carries the GS symbol, the official certificate of tested safety in accordance with the German guidelines and standards.

These furniture items are ideally equipped for the most rigorous load tests – uncompromising everyday school use with all which that entails.