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By utilising these double-seated rectangular, trapezoidal, and semi-circular tables, you can rapidly create the appropriate table size and student seating group for a specific task. One side of these tables has wheels, and they can be specified with grommet holes for cable management.

Concave and Convex Tables min


This mobile group table with five legs has a flat and semicircular side. Due to the shared radius of the Shift + system, the half-round group table can be incorporated into various student station configurations. The table's linear side provides the ideal opportunity for wall placement. The table can be outfitted as a mobile counter work station with an integrated monitor arm and CPU.

Concave and Convex Tables min

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The Tutortouch 20 touch Intelligent Interactive Panel exceeds your existing classroom's technological limitations. Its comprehensive feature set will captivate students with its tablet-like interface and the industry's most intuitive touch and writing surface.

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