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Discover an exceptional refuge for your classroom storage needs at Edushift's unparalleled Classroom Storage Solutions. We understand the vital importance of secure and tailored storage options in educational settings. With meticulous attention to detail, our remarkable service is crafted to meet the distinctive requirements of schools, delivering a seamless and personalized storage experience for your invaluable classroom furniture assets.

Rest assured that your classroom storage items are safeguarded within our cutting-edge storage facilities. We prioritize top-of-the-line security measures, encompassing advanced surveillance systems, access controls, and climate-controlled environments, guaranteeing the utmost protection for your furniture.

Experience the unmatched storage journey provided by Edushift's Classroom Storage Solutions. Reach out to us today to provide your institution's classroom furniture assets with a secure, customized, and worry-free storage solution specially designed to cater to your unique needs.

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There are two height options for both straight and round storage modules. These modules are also capable of accommodating storage containers. Connection magnets and lockable castors on the side of the storage module ensure that the arrangement is stable, yet readily disassembled and combinable. By adding seat modules to form visually separated group areas, such as the cave, they can be utilised to create room dividers or breakaway spaces within the classroom. In order to facilitate lesson differentiation, the ideal tools in a collaborative classroom are adaptable and fluid for motivating instructors. In addition, the straight mobile storage can be outfitted with plastic compartments, increasing a classroom's storage capacity and making it ideal for replacing chair bags.

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Straight and rounded seating modules or ottomans are offered in a variety of heights in order to create unique soft seating compositions for caves in classrooms or reading nooks in libraries. Combined with classroom storage modules as a backrest, they can be used to construct mobile seating groups for adaptable spaces.

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Shift+ Landscape provides a lockable mobile classroom storage module for instructors' resources. As a module that is easily transportable, it can accompany the teacher to various classroom locations.

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Here, everything is placed inside the box: This mobile stowage module encourages students' organisational skills through the use of brightly coloured containers. This module has different-sized boxes on rails to help teachers separate their resources according to duties, as they can open and close the box they are currently working with. They are equipped with lockable casters, which is ideal for instructors with ongoing lesson plans for peer learning who must constantly move from station to station.

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These mobile, lockable shelving and cabinet elements are elegantly crafted so that all necessary materials are readily accessible and can be stored as desired. Ideal for robotics and art centres. As a safety feature, the drawers are designed to open one at a time, preventing students from ever slamming their fingertips in a drawer.

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The rigid design of the modular Compass-VF four-legged chair makes it unsuitable for classroom seating. However, it offers flexible deployment options for a variety of seating areas, including corridors and areas where seating for brief periods is required. It can be stacked without placing stress on the seat surfaces when not in use. Compass-VF is available with armrests or as a mobile chair with two wheels.

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