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Discover a sanctuary for your furniture at Edushift's unparalleled Shift Storage Solutions. We recognize the crucial need for secure and customized storage options in educational institutions. With meticulous attention to detail, our exceptional service is designed to cater to the unique requirements of schools, offering a seamless and personalized storage experience for your invaluable furniture assets.

Rest assured that your furniture is protected in our state-of-the-art storage facilities. We prioritize top-notch security measures, including advanced surveillance systems, access controls, and climate-controlled environments, ensuring the utmost safety for your furniture.

The unparalleled storage experience offered by Edushift's Shift Storage Solutions. Contact us today to provide your furniture assets with a secure, customized, and worry-free storage solution designed specifically for your institution's unique needs.

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There are two height options for both straight and round storage modules. The modules are also capable of accommodating storage containers. Connection magnets and lockable casters on the side ensure the arrangement is stable, yet easily disassembled, and can be integrated in a variety of configurations to create room dividers or breakaway spaces in the classroom by combining the seat modules to create visually separated group areas, such as the cave. The ideal tools for facilitating lesson differentiation in a collaborative classroom, and therefore always adaptable and fluid for inspiring instructors.

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Straight and rounded seating modules or ottomans are offered in a variety of heights in order to create unique soft seating compositions for caves in classrooms or reading nooks in libraries. Combined with storage modules as a backrest, they can be used to construct mobile seating groups for adaptable spaces.

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The Tutortouch 20 touch Intelligent Interactive Panel exceeds your existing classroom's technological limitations. Its comprehensive feature set will captivate students with its tablet-like interface and the industry's most intuitive touch and writing surface.

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