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Tutortouch accessories. In the modern era of digital advancements, delivering a superior user experience is crucial, particularly in the realm of education. Edushift, a renowned educational technology company, comprehends the significance of providing a seamless and enjoyable learning experience. As a testament to their commitment, Edushift offers a diverse selection of flexible Tutortouch accessories, empowering users to personalize their learning environment for optimal engagement.

Tutortouch accessories not only enhance comfort and convenience but also play a pivotal role in fostering an interactive and effective educational journey. Discover how Edushift's innovative Tutortouch accessories can revolutionize your learning experience, offering customizable options that elevate comfort, convenience, and engagement. Experience education like never before with Tutortouch accessories by Edushift, where user experience takes center stage. Elevate your learning environment and unlock the full potential of educational technology for an exceptional journey.

Pluggable PC Module

pc module tutortouch 2 min

PC Module OPS72

Conformity with Standards Excel beyond Superior PC modules are an industry-standard, high-performance products. It incorporates Intel® CoreTMi7 and Vpro as an option.

• Intel 6th Skylake CPU
• Intel® Core™ celeron / i5 / i7
• Pin Connector: 120pin
• 4K2K / 60hz output
• Chipset: Intel H11 O Express
• Integrated HD Graphics
• 6xUSB 3.0 + HDMI / VGA / Display Port Out
• Support Vpro / TPM optional

Mobile ST33

Height Adjustable Mobile Stand

tutortouch mobile stand

Move Easily,
Collaborate Freely.

360-degree rotating universal wheel makes ST33 easy to move. Compatible with interactive flat panel of 55/65/75/86 inches. No worries, it can carry hugh interactive flat panel and stay still like wall mount.

tutortouch mobile stand

Wall-mounted EST04

stand for tutortouch interactive panel

Static but not stuck

stand for tutortouch interactive panel

If you're seeking a balance between the stability of a fixed wall mount and the flexibility to adjust the height, look no further.

The EST04 wall mount bracket offers the perfect solution. It allows you to effortlessly move your panel up and down the mounting, enabling you to set it at your desired height. Rest assured, it remains securely attached to the wall throughout the adjustment process.

Electrical EST01

Adjustable Agility

stand bg min

Looking for an elevated vantage point? Or perhaps you require the ability to lower your panel to accommodate younger students?

No worries! You can easily modify the height of your panel as needed with the mobile stand accessories that offers adjustable height. Plus, it enables you to teach from any location within the room, granting you greater flexibility.

This mobile stand is particularly well-suited for spaces that serve multiple purposes, providing an ideal solution.

stand bg min


Webcam SC26A

SC26B business and education webcam provides 4K Ultra HD video at 30 fps with a multi-layer optical glass lens for exceptional image quality and clarity. The 120-degree ultra-wide-angle field of view ensures that nothing is missed during the meeting.

The pioneering 2D & 3D DNR technology in SC26B delivers incredible image quality, ensures crisp and clear visuals for videos and photos. From low light to bright backlit, high dynamic range (HDR) technology automatically adjusts to always look your best.


Speakerphone BM21

audio speaker tutortouch

Built-in large dynamic high-performance speakers, intelligent noise reduction and reverberation cancellation algorithms, and a PZM structure design provide a high-quality voice experience.

Wired & Wireless Charging² accessories Supports 8-hour of Playtime on a single charge

audio speaker tutortouch

Smart Pen

The smart board is a revolutionary tool in the world of presentations and teaching. It is designed to integrate various functions that were previously separate, making it a powerful tool for anyone who needs to deliver engaging and interactive presentations. One of the primary features of the smart board is its ability to combine writing, slide playback, and annotation functions, all in one platform.

With the smart board, you no longer need to switch between multiple devices or applications during a presentation. You can write directly on the board, play back slides, and add annotations, all in real-time, making your presentation more seamless and professional. This feature is particularly useful for educators who want to make their lectures more interactive and engaging, as they can now easily annotate their presentation materials to emphasize key points, add illustrations or graphics, and even create interactive quizzes or polls.

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The Tutor Touch 20 touch Intelligent Interactive Panel exceeds your existing classroom's technological limitations. Its comprehensive feature set will captivate students with its tablet-like interface and the industry's most intuitive touch and writing surface.

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