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School furniture, in order to effectively teach children the core competencies needed for 21st-century schools, it is crucial to employ teaching methods that align with our future goals. Recognizing the close relationship between learning and the learning environment, it becomes imperative to create spaces that foster student growth. To accommodate a wide range of school activities, the design of these spaces must be flexible and multifunctional.

This is where school furniture plays a vital role. Specifically, the Shift + Base table elements and Shift + landscape stowage and seat modules are ideal for furnishing highly adaptable learning environments. These school furniture solutions provide the necessary flexibility and functionality required for a dynamic educational setting.

By incorporating innovative school furniture, such as the Shift + Base and Shift + landscape modules, educators can create spaces that facilitate diverse learning activities. Discover how these furniture elements can transform traditional classrooms into versatile and student-centric environments, promoting engagement, collaboration, and growth.

Redefine the learning experience with thoughtfully designed school furniture, unlocking the potential for effective teaching and learning in the modern era.

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Create Your Own Learning Space

Shift + is the first step toward adaptable furniture arrangements, with a variety of single and group tables that can be utilized depending on the situation.

Shift + elements enables users to repeatedly discover new applications; they can recreate their own learning environment daily. This is the essential distinction of shift+, which offers school furniture that makes spaces more adaptable than ever before, thereby supporting a variety of learning opportunities and teaching methods. Every lesson can be designed with ease; the furniture can be swiftly and easily rearranged to accommodate a variety of teaching methods, thereby increasing teaching flexibility.

Even the mobile shift + storage module is no longer confined to a particular area or shape, but can be easily transported to wherever it is required.

David A. Stubbs 11 is an architect with over 20 years of experience in the planning and design of educational environments. Important architectural honors have been bestowed upon him for his innovative designs, which focus on bringing about sustainable school improvement.

Shift+ Dynamic School Furniture

Shift Base Elements

Shift plus home Comprising all the table elements of the design system, they constitute the essential daily classroom furniture (Tables). As each student is unique and acquires knowledge in a different manner, Shift + base facilitates a high degree of individuality by providing readily accessible, differentiated configurations to meet varying requirements.

Student Stackable Desk

A simple, lightweight workstation suitable for a variety of uses. The sides of the desks are convex or concave to enhance the combination potential and permit configurations that deviate from the conventional rigidity. The tables are portable and stackable (Stackable with up to six desks and mobile with three desks.)

Group Fold-able Table

The freeform table top allows for a variety of configurations, and the mobile group tables can be rapidly rearranged to form a number of clusters to accommodate any teaching style. Freeform tables are versatile because they can be folded and stowed away to save space and clear up a room.

Teachers Height Adjustable Desk

The teacher's desk is height-adjustable and readily mobile on its wheels. Allowing teachers to stand and teach, or move and lower the table to join a group to assist students, affords teachers the flexibility to be adaptable while instructing.

Half Round Group Table

A mobile group table with flat and semicircular sides supported by five legs. Due to the shared radii of the Shift + system, the half-round group table can be incorporated into various student station configurations. The table's linear side provides the ideal opportunity for wall placement. The table can be outfitted as a mobile counterwork station with an integrated monitor arm and CPU.

Four - Legged Group Table

This freeform, readily combinable, four-legged table can accommodate a variety of group sizes. As desired, this table can be pulled together. Castors on all four table legs facilitate mobility, and pupils of all ages can rearrange the tables. Non-stackable and non-reversible.

Dynamic School Furniture

Comfortable Cantilever Chair

The air-cushioned seat shell of the PantoSwing-LuPo cantilever chair provides comfort throughout the academic day. The seat surface slants forward and backward in response to weight adjustments to generate a gentle rocking motion, which improves blood circulation and concentration.

Playful Freedom of Movement

Hokki is an inventive active stool that allows for controlled freedom of movement. It can travel in all directions due to its non-slip, rounded base. The carcass is not only colorful but also extremely lightweight, and its soft base prevents sliding.

Dynamic Seating

The PantoMove-LuPo swivel chair may feature a 3-D inclination mechanism and is height-adjustable. As weight is transferred, the seat surface tilts forward, back, or to the side, granting students the freedom of movement necessary for the development of good posture and sustained concentration. The air-cushion saddle shell's ergonomic design provides a high level of comfort.

Pure Relaxation

The cloud Beanbag offers pure relaxation while sitting. The body is constantly in motion and continually encouraged to change sitting posture. The beanbag is spongy and gives way to every movement; it supports the back but at the same time takes the strain.

Shift+ Landscape

Shift + Landscape

With shift + landscape storage and seat modules, it is easy to construct learning landscapes and differentiated areas within the classroom. Having storage at varying heights allows for the separation of areas to varying degrees. Seat modules can be ordered in various seat heights to accommodate learners of all ages, as well as to create inspiring spaces for students.

Straight or Round Storage Modules

Mobile storage modules came in two heights. They can be integrated in many different combinations and together with the seat modules it form visually separated group areas and thus facilitate lesson differentiation. Connection magnets and lockable castors on the side ensure the arrangement is stable, but easily taken apart and for this reason always flexible.

Straight or Round Seat Modules

Straight or circular seat modules are available in a variety of available heights. They provide useful building blocks for constructing informal group seating areas. Also, the stowage module can be seamlessly integrated into the landscape of free seating.

Straight Teacher's Storage Module

Shift + Landscape offers teachers a mobile stowage module with lockable compartments. As a freely mobile module, it can accompany the teacher to various classroom locations. All shift + components are intended to extend mobility beyond the classroom entrance.

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