Floor Friends

The concept of Floor Friends is intended to promote concentrated floor-level learning. The slip-resistant carpeting and cushioned mats are ideal for lying, reclining, kneeling, and squatting. Low tables, such as the triangular TriTable-II or the cylindrical Gugl table, are also part of the portfolio for floor-level instruction. Pen receptacles are also available as an option for the cover panel.

The concept of Floor Friends is intended to promote concentrated floor-level learning. Children prefer to learn at floor level, whether lying on their fronts, seated, crouching, or kneeling. They are able to intuitively adjust their body position in precisely the way they require and whenever they desire. This constant change in posture promotes the healthy development of children's bodies and enables them to remain attentive and focused throughout a lengthy school day.

Padded Floor Mats

Pizza Slice & Lilly pad
shaped mats

To create comfortable fun, relaxing, and interactive seated learning spaces on the floor for individual or group learning, students can find their space for the given activity.
Available in a round single, rectangular or 60° wedge-shaped mats in a variety or hues to enliven any drab reading nook, under utilised corner in a classroom or bring a new dimension to carpet work.

Shaped Carpets

Rectangular or Pizza Slice Carpets

Carpets can be used for one person or for groups.
It is available as a rectangular or 60° wedge-shaped element which can be used to create different shaped carpeted areas to replace the conventional square carpet.

Back Support Rolls

Polyester balls

Filled with expanded polyester balls it can be used as a seat, a backrest or to lay on. Usually used to lean on with your shoulders or used as a head rest or to create your very own reading caterpillar.

Stacking Stones

Versatile and multifaceted Seat

They are a lightweight flexible seating or play elements that can be used swiftly and easily form a seating circle, stacked seat tower or a rocking shell for children and adults. Can be utilized both indoors and outdoors and allows for a rocking motion for movement seeking children.

Gugl Table

Work by sitting

At the heart of activity the low cylindrical table is where children can work by sitting, kneeling or crouching on the floor. It has a storage space function for lily pads and support roll with cover panel for a table top.

Stackable Tri-Tables

The tri – shaped lap table

A 40 cm-tall surface is designed for a comfortable working position when seated or kneeling on the floor. Depending on the number of tables, the tri-shape can be manipulated and configured to create a variety of working environments

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Add the floor friends range as an additional agile learning space for students who prefer working on the floor but can now do it in style!

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