Desks & Chairs

Flip Tables

The shift+ s curved table is a mobile group table, Ideally for two students that can be quickly joined to form collaboration ensembles or combined with the shift+ curved shelving to create a shielded individual cubical. The freeform table with a table top that can be flipped when the tables are not in use and can be nested to save space or parked in the room as spares. The flowing S shape promotes out of the box thinking, fantastic for robotic or make a space centres, in STEM or modern library or resource centres.

Network Tables

Simple base shapes offer a variety of combinations for group work, our most popular for pre-school and junior preparatory. By using these double seated rectangular, trapezoid or semi-circular tables you can quickly create the right table size or student seating group for a particular tasks. These tables are easily moveable as one side has wheels and with corners that have been finished of with inject moulded polyurethane creating a soft impact ubsorbing edge for safety of the scholars.


With its basic triangular shape, the TriTable- II opens up an entire spectrum of possible combinations for 21st Century learning, especially in limited classroom spaces. Multiple single seated triangular tables can provide a extensive range of shapes/peer groups according to the teachers subject requirements. The desks are mobile and stackable (stackable up to six desks, mobile with up to three desks) and can be wheeled away as the table comes with a wheel for easy mobility.

Level 71-76

The ergonomically designed students’ chair for common areas where the table is the taller size and the chair is then adjustable to suit each students height promoting comfortable seating while working at the table. The chairs provide elevated seating corresponding to table heights 71 or 76 cm, each with four foot support settings. The level series still gives you the gentle rocking motion to increase concentration for all ages, even with the altered chair leg design.


The PantoMove-LuPo swivel chair is height-adjustable, with an ergonomic plastic moulded seat to promote a good sitting posture. Perfect for common areas were students of various grades use one space for many tasks. The 3-D tilt mechanism is an optional extra for those who would like a height adjustable chair that allows for body movement for fidgety students. For added comfort these chairs can be ordered with arm rests and stylish upholstery.

Hokki Stool

The innovative active Hokki stool offers freedom of movement by stimulating core muscles in controlled conditions, for students who require continues and varied movement to focus on there school work. It’s rounded non slip base enables it to move in all directions, with limited distractions to fellow students. The carcass is very light and durable, available in various sizes and colours to suit a variety of students.