Shift+ Storage Units

Shift+ straight or round storage module

Straight and round storage modules are available in two different heights. . The modules can also be equipped to accommodate storage boxes. Connection magnets and lockable casters on the side ensure the arrangement is stable, but easily taken apart and can be integrated in various combinations, to create room dividers or breakaway spaces with in a classroom. by adding the seat modules to form visually separated group areas, such as the cave. The ideal tools in a collaboration classroom to facilitate lesson differentiation and for this reason always flexible and fluid for inspiring teachers. In addition the straight mobile storage can be equipped with plastic drawers only, increasing the storage capacity of a classroom ideal for replacing chair bags.

Straight or Round Seating Modules

Straight and rounded seat modules or ottomans are available in different heights, to create funky soft seating compositions for the cave in classrooms or reading corners in libraries. Used in conjunction with the storage modules as a back rest they can create mobile seating groups for flexible spaces.