Uno-M Desk

The Uno-m is a very durable and long lasting classic school table that can be fitted with a under the table book shelf and bag hook. The table can be ordered to seat 1 or 2 students depending on your needs. The table top is made out of condensed LINGno-DUR making it extremely durable and almost indestructible.


Uniquely shaped desk for schools needing a more modern looking classroom, while sticking to traditional type furniture. The table top is made out of LINGOpal laminate, allows for selective grouping.

Concav & Convex

Our most popular desk in terms of flexible seating, the shift+ convex and convav are light and abstract shaped, single seated desks. The sides of the desks are either convex or concave to increase peer learning configurations outside the usual rigid patterns. The desks are mobile due the wheels on one side of the table, and stackable (stackable up to six desks, mobile with up to three desks), allowing teachers to create 21st century learning spaces with ease.

Tri-Table Stackable

With its basic triangular shape, the TriTable- II opens up an entire spectrum of possible combinations for 21st Century learning, especially in limited classroom spaces. Multiple single seated triangular tables can provide a extensive range of shapes/peer groups according to the teachers subject requirements. The desks are mobile and stackable (stackable up to six desks, mobile with up to three desks) and can be wheeled away as the table comes with a wheel for easy mobility.

Lite Table Stackable

A stackable rectangular table for schools looking for 21st Century furniture, but with the more traditional shape. This shape has the biggest desk surface area ideal for high school or university students.

Network Group Tables

Simple base shapes offer a variety of combinations for group work, our most popular for pre-school and junior preparatory. By using these double seated rectangular, trapezoid or semi-circular tables you can quickly create the right table size or student seating group for a particular tasks. These tables are easily moveable as one side has wheels and with corners that have been finished of with inject moulded polyurethane creating a soft impact ubsorbing edge for safety of the scholars.

Compass Table

The Stackable Compass Tables is made from a lINGOpal laminate has a large surface area with a cast in pen groove and under the table book shelve, however is not seen as movable as it is designed without wheels . Optional extra is the book rest, glass holder and slide in storage drawer.

Puzzle Group Table

The puzzle table with its amoeba looking shape is very different from a normal table. The wavy curved shape is ideal as a breakaway or create a space table in a classroom for playing, painting or drawing! Its perfect for OT sessions or for small group work were four to six students can sit around the one side of the table and the adult centered on the other side able to closely observe/assist each student.

Flip Group Table

The shift+ s curved table is a mobile group table, Ideally for two students that can be quickly joined to form collaboration ensembles or combined with the shift+ curved shelving to create a shielded individual cubical. The freeform table with a table top that can be flipped when the tables are not in use and can be nested to save space or parked in the room as spares. The flowing S shape promotes out of the box thinking, fantastic for robotic or make a space centres, in STEM or modern library or resource centres .

Standing Team Table

With its unconventional shape, the standing TeamTable is quirky, it’s indentations expand the table size and allow more space at the table for brainstorming in a breakaway space or to create a relaxed cafe atmosphere in a staff room. If needed, one can join a number of TeamTables together to form a larger group.

Standing Tri Union Table

The Triunion is an improved standing table with a foot rest, it is a right-angle triangle with two equal sides, to allow for many combinations from rows to group work stations. Designed with wheels and table connectors allowing you to change the group configuration easily to vary your learning environment.

Height Adjustable Teachers Lecture

The teacher’s desk is height-adjustable, mobile desk allowing teachers to stand & observe, or mentor there students during tasks by being hands on were needed instead of behind a traditional stationary desk. To ensure unimpeded mobility the work surface is compact, with a shallow storage shelf making it extremely versatile and easy to use. A separate teacher’s storage module covers any need for additional space.

Height Adjustable Rondo Table

Working does not mean sitting all the time, many students today find the lack of movement in the classroom increasing boredom. Ergonomic classroom planning aims to facilitate switching from a sitting to a standing position when working, going from a 64cm high table to a 90cm which is suitable from grade 1 all the way to standing. The desk height is adjusted by a hydraulic push-button control. The rounded-off top gives the desk its individual character, the increased table surface area is ideal for a teachers table.

Uno M Teachers Table

The teachers table is a very durable with a large surface area classic teachers desk with a built in cupboard or drawer, both are lockable. When modernising your classroom it is best to upgrade the teachers desk to complete the overall look.