Shift + Make a space furniture

Essential furniture for collaborative teaching in the 21st Century Classroom.

We can only teach children the core competencies for the 21st century schools and with teaching methods that are actually designed to achieve the outcomes we need now and in the future.

Learning and the learning environment are closely connected, it is imperative to create spares that do not restrict students development. It is therefore necessary to create spaces that are adaptable and multi functional to accommodate a widening range of school activities.

The Shift + Base table elements and the shift + landscape storage and seat modules provide furniture suitable for these highly flexible learning environment.

Learning Space

Create your own learning space

Making a space usable for a variety of purposes

Shift + is the first step to flexible furniture arrangements, having a different range of single and group tables for use as the situation demands.

Shift + elements allows users to discover new applications over and over again – they can recreate their own learning environment everyday. This is the vital difference of shift+, providing school furniture that makes spaces more flexible than ever before, supporting diversity of learning opportunities and teaching styles.

Every lesson can be designed according to need with ease; the furniture is quickly and easily re-organised to fit a variety of teaching methods, such maneuverability increases freedom in teaching

Even the mobile shift + storage module are no longer tied to a particular space or shape but may be effortlessly on hand where ever they are currently needed.

Architect David A. Stubbs 11 has had more than 20 years of experience in the planning and design of learning environments. His creative passion is to create sustainable improvement in schools, he has received important architectural awards for his designs.

“With shift +, for the first time ever, the learning environment can be tailored entirely individually – beyond all existing standards”

Shift + Sample classroom 1

Alter your classroom in the blink of an eye. Shift + makes it easy to release the classroom from it’s teacher cantered focus “the campfire” to peer learning focus “the watering hole”.

Students desks can be adapted as desired: to face the teacher, in a circle, in snake like lines, configured for partner and group work.

Storage and seat modules are integrated and support creating spaces within a room such as “the Cave”. Stacking of students desks which are kept in reserve for more combinations or to clear the space completely.

Sample Classroom 1

Sample Classroom 2

Shift + Sample classroom 2

The step from passive to active learning.

Freedom is Shift + basic principle – design the room as you want it!

The furniture is mobile and will fit through any classroom door. Tables can be freely integrated into different configurations.

The single desk as a fixed personal feature can be set aside in favour of rotation use and the work by turns at group or single desks.

Shift + dynamic school furniture

Shift Base Elements

Shift + base comprising of all the table elements of the design system, they form the base furniture (Tables) always needed for daily lessons. Every student is different and learns differently , Shift + base supports high degrees of individuality by easily attainable, differentiated configurations that fit different needs.

Student Stackable Desk

A light, straight forward desk for flexible application. The sides of the desks are either convex or concave to increase the combination potential and allow configurations outside the usual rigid patterns. The desks are mobile and stackable (Stackable up to six desks, mobile with up to three desks.)

Group Fold-able Table

The freeform table top offers a variety of combinations, the mobile group tables can be quickly manipulated to form a variety of clusters for any teaching style. Freeform tables are versatile as they can be folded away and parked, to free up a room and save space.

Teachers Height Adjustable Desk

The teachers desk is height adjustable, it can be moved easily on its casters. Allowing teachers to stand and teach or move and lower the table joining a group to assist students, giving the teachers freedom to be versatile while teaching.

Half Round Group Table

Mobile five-legged group table with flat and semi-circular side. Because the Shift + system has a shared radii, the half-round group table can be integrated in different student desk configurations. The straight side gives the perfect opportunity to place the table against the wall. The table can be equipped as a mobile counterwork station, with monitor arm and CPU that can be integrated.

Four - Legged Group Table

This easily combinable, freeform, four-legged table can be utilised for many different group sizes. This table can be pushed together as desired. Castors on all four table legs ensure trouble-free mobility; the tables can be rearranged by students of all ages. Non stackable and not flippable.

Dynamic School Furniture

Comfortable Cantilever Chair

The PantoSwing-LuPo cantilever chair has a comfortable air-cushion seat shell offering comfort throughout the long school day. The seat surface tilts forward and backwards according to shifts in weight to create a gentle rocking motion, for increased blood flow and concentration.

Playful Freedom of Movement

Hokki – the innovative active stool offering freedom of movement in controlled conditions. Its non-slip rounded base enables it to move in all directions. The carcass is colourfull but also very light, the soft base prevents slipping.

Dynamic Seating

The PantoMove-LuPo swivel chair is height-adjustable and may feature a 3-D tilt mechanism. As weight is shifted the seat surface titles forward or backwards, or to the sides – allowing students the freedom of movement required for good posture development and sustained concentration. The ergonomic designed air-cushion seat shell offers a high degree of comfort.

Pure Relaxation

The cloud Beanbag offers pure relaxation while sitting. The body is constantly in motion and continually encouraged to change sitting posture. The beanbag is spongy and gives way to every movement; it supports the back but at the same time takes the strain.

Shift + Landscape

Shift + Landscape

With shift + landscape storage and seat modules, learning landscapes and differentiated areas within the classroom can be created swiftly and easily. Storage space at different heights means that areas can be separated to varying degrees. Seat modules can be ordered in different seat heights to accommodate all ages, as well as varied heights create inspirational spaces for learners.

Straight or Round Storage Modules

Mobile storage modules came in two heights. They can be integrated in many different combinations and together with the seat modules it form visually separated group areas and thus facilitate lesson differentiation. The modules can also be equipped to accommodate storage boxes. Connection magnets and lockable castors on the side ensure the arrangement is stable, but easily taken apart and for this reason always flexible.

Straight or Round Seat Modules

Straight or round seat modules are available in different heights. They provide useful base elements for creating less formal group seating areas as desired. Also the storage module can be directly integrated into the free seating landscape.

Straight Teacher's Storage Module

Shift + Landscape provides a mobile storage module with a lockable units for teacher’s needs. As a freely moveable module it may accompany the teacher for use in different areas of the classroom. All shift + elements are designed to ensure that mobility does not end at the classroom door.