EDUSHIFT provides unique, bright and modern furniture to forward thinking schools and higher education institutions creating flexible and engaging learning and living spaces. 

We offer collaborative furniture and technology solutions for STEM projects and 21st century classrooms. Our engaging and comfortable furniture is created to be ergonomic and flexible allowing more mobility for improved performance and increased concentration in students.

TutorTouch, our Interactive 4k Panels provide a natural writing experience using infrared ray touch technology for teachers and students. Modern whiteboard and classroom software makes classes highly effective.

Free Layout Services

Assisting customers visualize the  recommended product’s look and feel in the space, ultimately helping clients reach the final decision.

Needs Assessment

Our consultants work with you to expertly asses your schools individual teaching style and equipment requirements.


Our furniture carries the GS symbol, the official certificate of tested safety in accordance with the German guidelines and standards.


We commit to the success of your project. Providing you with the best furniture, equipment and service are our top priorities.

Eco Friendly

The products have been manufactured in the Eco-friendliest way possible, additionally possess “GREENGUARD” certification.

Hokki Stools

The Hokki stool has been designed to eradicate the boundaries between controlled sitting and natural free movement. It allows for flexible seating, it is proven to engage your core muscles increasing blood flow and oxygen throughout the body and brain.  We have been told by some teachers that they have noticed a 30% increase in concentration in students who use the Hokki    stool during their classes.


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Edushift Proudly the partner for VS

VS has more than 110 years of history in the furniture design and manufacturing industry with numerous pioneering product developments to its name. Each chapter in VS’s success story alludes to its high standards combined and uncompromising focus on quality and intensive development work leading to a strong product range. VS is a powerful performer in Europe providing holistic furniture solutions for schools, administration departments, offices and conference areas.

VS is a strong advocate of a new quality of learning – through design awareness in the education environment. The classroom is “The Third Teacher” and, together with adults and pupils has an important formative influence on the students achievements and their wellbeing. Comfortable alternation between sitting and standing when working with dynamic rather than rigid sitting postures – more ergonomic, more flexible, more mobility for improved performance and increased concentration.